the brief

The Natural History Unit at BBC Bristol invited us to pitch on the concept for a new CBBC show based on updating Aesop’s Tales and making them relevant for a modern audience.


our process

We wanted to bring the story of The Ant and the Chrysalis bang up-to-date, so we gave it a present day gritty urban setting. We wanted to highlight the pitfalls of judging a book by its cover, using bullying with a social media context. A mix of contemporary cartoon art styles, minimal scratchy stylised backgrounds and an EDM soundtrack helped give the ancient story a completely modern twist.

Aesop_Process_A&B Aesop_Process_C

Hee hee hee hoo hoo hoo chunky boi!

the result

Through use of humour, graphical designs and quirky animation, we developed an approach that would make the fables fun and relevant to a modern day audience. Our pitch was well received but it appears that there are no further plans for this project- let’s hope it gets another chance some day.