the brief

World famous video game publishers Square Enix commissioned us to create a new teaser trailer for a new instalment in their PlayStation 4, Xbox one and PC game Just Cause 3. The brief was to showcase a new downloadable Mech Land Assault Vehicle in a high-impact online promo, in an Anime inspired animation style.


our process

JC3_MechLandAssault-storyboardWe worked with Square Enix to develop a short story which would showcase the powerful abilities of the new Mech character – beginning with a storyboard and colour script.

JC3_MechLandAssault-CG-breakdownA challenge was to stay faithful to a traditional 2D Anime style while working with a 3D animated mechanical character. To achieve this, we textured and rendered 3D animated elements to appear as 2D with extra hand-drawn detail, such as scratches and highlights.

For extra impact, we added a wide range of 2D animated effects animations and composited the scenes onto matte painted backgrounds.

EffectsAnim_Grid2D effect elements, including explosions, electricity, dust etc. were traditionally animated.

This is definitely up there with one of the coolest promotional videos we’ve ever seen for a game.


Sh06_LineTestOther scenes were created in full traditional 2D animation.

Putting it all together – compositing broken apart.

the result

The film was delivered to a very happy Square Enix and gained over 50,000 views within the first twenty four hours of release on YouTube and game review sites worldwide.

Background Mech_Land_assault_03 Mech_Land_assault_04 Mech_Land_assault_02