Adobe Animate


Our intensive four day training course will take you through each stage of the character creation process in Adobe Animate. From mastering the drawing tools, to completing a fully rigged character. You will delve into the intricacies of Animate’s symbol based system, learning how to use it effectively and to your advantage. The next stage of the course will teach you how to animate a character to the level expected at professional studios. You will be taught how to plan out your scenes, create beautiful key frames, inbetween like a pro, and tips and tricks to really sell the action.

Limited to 10 places.


Day 1 – Introduction to Animate, learn the drawing tools and build a head

Day 2 – Build a whole character, and an introduction to cut out animation

Day 3 – Learn studio standard animation techniques and lip sync audio

Day 4 – Animate and add extra production value to your work and export your animations


To get the most of your time here (and for everything to run as smooth as possible) there’s a few things we hope you’d have covered.

18 years +
Good understanding of spoken and written English
Beginner experience with animation or design software
Competent IT skills
Organise your own travel, accommodation and food
(plenty of tea & coffee available and local shops/eateries within a short walk)

Here’s some of the other good stuff that would be a big bonus to us both!

Good understanding of timing and the principles of animation
Good drawing skills
Have an appreciation of accuracy and attention to detail

the lowdown




4 days full-time

Course hours 9.30am to 5.30pm with 1hr break for lunch.




Remote Online

come learn with us!!

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