the brief

Codeherent approached us to create a super slick explainer to widen their audience and secure funding for their cloud infrastructure management platform.

the process

We worked closely with the team at Codeherent to develop their script to bring their message in a clear and creative way. We then got our digital pencils out and storyboarded the whole explainer. We took inspiration from their logo and created a world of cubes. Collaboration is key on these projects and the Codeherent team brought fantastic suggestions and ideas every step of the way. Once the storyboard was completed we designed each key moment in the explainer:

With a clear storyboard and some slick designs done we had our blueprint for the animation. Time to put this explainer into production! A fun challenge to overcome was the optical illusion in the animation. Here you can peak behind the curtain and see the illusion from a different perspective:


what was once connecting wires is now typing code

the result

This project was a fun combination of left side brain and right side brain coming together to bring a creative twist to the world of infrastructure as code. We love bringing our Sun & Moon approach to create engaging and creative explainers.