the brief

BBC iWonder commissioned us to create a thought provoking, educational animation to highlight homelessness in the UK. It needed to explain some of the reasons that people find themselves on the streets, and how they vary from person to person.


our process

Working closely with the iWonder team, we used a dark, illustrative style to match the serious nature of this subject. We wanted the viewer to feel like they were reading a comic book, using illustrations, text, motion graphics and a little traditional 2D animation to convey the story.

our_process_still_02 our_process_still_01

Homelessness continues to be a big problem in the U.K

 the result

Our animation can be seen on the BBC iWonder website and forms part of a much wider discussion on homelessness. It serves as an introduction to case studies and advice on surviving the streets.

For more information on homelessness visit Shelter and Crisis, which are both national charities for the homeless.

the_result_still_06 the_result_still_02the_result_still_05