So you’d like to get some animation made but you’re unsure of what’s involved? Or maybe you’re just curious about how we do things? Well, you’re in the right place!  We want your experience of working with us to feel easy, enjoyable and that you are in expert hands. This simple guide explains our animation production process – so you can see what you’ve got to look forward to!

every project is unique but they all follow the same linear process.


Meet We meet and chat through your project in person. We like to get to know you and it’s the perfect place to start bouncing around ideas. A video or conference call can be just as good if time is tight or we’re oceans apart.

Brief If you already have an idea that’s a great start but equally we enjoy the challenge that a blank sheet of paper and an open brief represents. We’ll establish the scope of your project and advise you on the best way forward.

Script We work to your script or help you create one that says exactly what it needs to. We’ll help you to tell your story in a way that will inform, engage and entertain your audience.

Design We’ll find the look and feel of your film with our versatile team of designers and illustrators. If you’ve seen something you like – share it with us for inspiration. We’ll create some style frames to show how your finished film will look.

Storyboard Our story artists plot the action and figure out the most effective way to deliver your message in a series of static images. It’s quick and easy for us to make changes at this stage.

Voice Over We help you find the right voice to tell your story, or work with one you have already chosen and supplied.

Animatic The storyboard is timed out to the ideal length of your film, setting the tone and pace. Basic movements are blocked out so that you can see everything is working. Once you are happy, this is the blue print for your film.

now we just colour it in right? ahh if only it were that simple.


Build Your animation is one of a kind, so all characters, props and environments will be created from scratch and made ready for animation.

Animation This is where things really start to get moving, quite literally. Characters start to walk, talk, think and feel. Your ideas truly come to life. It’s our favourite part of the process and pretty much why we do what we do.

Sound Design Working closely with talented composers or music track, we provide a bespoke sound design that adds extra depth and emotion to your story, ensuring your film is pitch perfect.

Compositing All of the film’s animated elements are brought together, layer by layer and scene by scene, into one place, ready for the final touches to be applied. A shadow here and a sparkle there make all the difference.

we’re almost there!


Final Mix Voice over, music and sound effects are mixed and tweaked to the animation to ensure that it hits all the right notes.

Render All our hard work is committed to the final picture. Your beautiful creation is now ready.

Grade If your film is for TV or Cinema it goes through a grade process, to make sure it meets broadcaster specifications.

Delivery We deliver your final film in whatever format you need. Congratulations, you are the proud owner of a Sun & Moon animation and you can now show it off!

that’s a wrap

We’re done and dusted and stood with our arms folded in triumph…or cheering and raising a glass – either way, we’ve been on a journey together and are both happy with the results.

so now you know.