At Sun & Moon we offer industry focused animation courses designed for freelancers, graduates, students and budding animators to give them the skills they’ll need for a career in animation. Led by working industry professionals, our courses teach the skills, techniques and tricks of the trade gained from years of experience.

Based in our studio at the Paintworks Bristol, the courses will give our students first hand experience of working in an animation studio environment. Studying alongside live studio projects gives you a unique insight to our studio’s workings and the chance to network and build relationships within the animation industry. Using state of the art hardware, our intense training courses will focus on the specific skills needed to complete professional work in industry leading animation software. Self study, online and academic courses can get you so far, but our programs are designed to give the insight, skills and experience that can only be gained from working in a real animation studio.

Our courses will be available to people who would like to level-up their skills in a short space of time, giving them the ability to learn a new piece of software for the industry or complete their university studies with a greater level of achievement. We are also gearing the courses towards graduates, self taught animators and freelancers to give them the confidence and skills needed to break into the industry, or to increase their ability to secure work.

We live and breathe animation and we have a wealth of knowledge to share.

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