the brief

We got the call from Aardman to help them produce some brand new BBC One idents to promote Saturday night television. Working with an existing aesthetic, we had to create new characters and devise new situations for a series of idents showcasing Dr Who, So You Think You Can Dance?, and Don’t Scare The Hare.


our approach

We wanted to have some real fun with these, though perhaps we got a little carried away with the initial concepts we proposed. There was some contention over using a certain alien race in any context other than the one they are synonymous with. The upshot? We had to exterminate some ideas early on.


BBC_Storyboards End credit squeeze image

Saturday nights on BBC one never looked so good!

the result

Working with a slick graphical style and vibrant colour palette, we created new characters, backgrounds and scenarios. We managed to inject a lot of humour and subtle animation into these idents, which were enjoyed by millions of BBC viewers over the Easter holidays.