the brief

Binkies are new range of girls’ footwear from Clarks Shoes and a loveable trio of bunnies, best friends and playmates, created by illustrator Kim Geyer. Clarks shoes asked us to bring these characters to life in a short promotional animation that introduced the brand and showed each bunny’s character.


our process

We wanted to stay faithful to Kim Geyer’s illustrative style, so we used traditional animation techniques (albeit digitally). This allowed us to keep the hand-drawn quality and sensibilities of the original artwork and create smooth fluid movements, adding to the overall charm and appeal. We then composited the hand-drawn vector animation together with the digitally painted backgrounds, distressing it to give it the texture of pencil drawings with a watercolour effect.

Binkies_Process_A&B Binkies_Process_C

A loveable trio of bunnies, best friends and playmates.

the result

A super-sweet film with a hand-crafted aesthetic, which not only stayed true to the beautiful illustrations but enhanced them by bringing them to life.

giff_binkies_1 Binkies_Result_D