the brief

Bristol Waste approached us to help the City of Bristol to “get it sorted” with their recycling. They needed an animated explainer to deliver the information in a fast, fun and memorable way. We um’ed and we ah’ed and we opted for this cute little critter:

our process

As we were creating animation for a social media campaign we designed the video for both 16:9 and square formats. Shorter clips and cut downs were also required so we wrote the script to be able to easily create these versions from the final animation.

Covering every step of the process from concept to animation, to sound and delivery, we worked closely with client to ensure a clear, concise and fun message.

Wash and Squash!

the result

Animated explainers are always a fun balance of information and fun and, if you don’t mind us saying, we reckon we’ve struck that balance pretty well here! Also, everyone here at Sun & Moon loves planet Earth and it was a joy to play a small part in helping to keep it a little bit tidier and a little bit greener at the same time.