We have a great relationship with Aardman, who know to call us when they need some of our 2D animation skills. For example, on several adverts for Change4Life, where we produced some purely 2D animations using a more graphical style. We also provided 2D characters and effects animation for adverts featuring stop motion characters.

our process

We used traditional hand-drawn techniques to work on these projects. The age-old process of generating roughs and then cleaning them up still applies as it does with paper and pencil. The only difference is that nowadays it’s done digitally, but it’s as labour intensive as ever.

In addition to creating the 2D animated elements, we also created test animations that were used as guides for some of the stop-motion animation, like the dancing sofa.

Change-4-life-Dance Change 4 Life Onion Skin

More character than you can shake a stick at!

the result

A seamless hybrid of 2D and stop-motion animation, full of character and fun that communicates an important message effortlessly.

Change 4 Life Walk Cycle