the brief

Most of us love taking photos, but few of us have the technical or creative ability to edit them. So Spruced up asked us to create this explainer video to help introduce their retouching service and show how the process works.


our process

We came up with the central character Bruce, an avid photographer whose photos don’t always come out the way he planned. Along with his family, we explain the service in a fun and informative way, through engaging comical vignettes of their not so picture perfect lives.

We created a clean and graphical look, using gradients to soften forms and produce an almost 3D feel. We used a mix of traditional and digital animation techniques to achieve the slick character movements and added motion blur and depth of field to enhance the high production values.

SprucedUp_HOME_PAGE_Header SprucedUp_Process_A SprucedUp_Process_B&C

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get sprucing!

the result

A rich, bright and colourful film, peppered with visual gags to entertain and inform the audience about the ‘Spruced up’ service. Packed full of character and fun we created a high-end animation which took the client’s “expectations to another level”.

SprucedUp_Result_A SprucedUp_Result_B&C