the brief

Ghanaian design agency Lucid Communications asked us to create an animated advert for Aduanehene Maize for broadcast on TV in Ghana. Maize is a staple food in Ghana and used in many recipes in the home. As one of the leading brands, Aduanehene wanted to promote not only its close relationship with its customers, but also maize’s standing in Ghanaian culture.


our process

To portray and celebrate family, friends and society in Ghana, we chose an accessible and graphical art style. One with hand-painted brush effects and bold Ghanaian-inspired colours and patterns depicting a range of traditional scenes. Using both traditional 2D and cut-out methods we achieved engaging character performances, applying a subtle rough edge to the artwork, so it felt hand-crafted and authentic.

GrownInGhana_Process_A GrownInGhana_Process_B&C

Everyone knows-maize is good for you!

the result

The final advert is a bright, colourful and charming animation that perfectly encapsulates the brand’s wholesome image. Thanks to the success of this advert, we’ve gone on to create another advert for Aduanehene.

GrownInGhana_Result_A ghana_giff_1