the brief

We were asked to provide the 2D and 3D characters for an online advert about the mis-selling of PPI insurance. The advert would mix live action set elements and our animated characters, which would all need to fit seamlessly together.

the process

Working with live action footage of the rotating set and various prop elements, we had to track the motion and animate ‘Joe’ ­– essentially a 3D model textured and lit to appear 2D. Joe’s head was 2D along with all of the evil banker’s animation. Everything was then brought together with some technical wizardry to achieve the desired effect.


the result

Adding our piece to the puzzle and making sure it all fitted together was the biggest challenge on this ambitious project. We hope you’ll agree the end result is a technically well-executed film, which showcases some great characterisation.

PPI_01 PPI_02 PPI_03 PPI_04