the brief

Tiny Happy People, a BBC UK-wide initiative, were looking to create a series of funny, personal and informative animations about raising children to share on their Instagram.

the process

The number one key element to a successful social media post is relatability. And it just so happened that our co-founder and father of two, Louis Jones, has a near endless archive of family life moments ready to be made into scripts! Injecting reality and humour into the animations gave us a strong foundation for posts that people would love to engage with.

For the visuals, we made sure they engaged the viewer quickly, worked without sound and used bold and clear designs that work on small screens. We worked with Tiny Happy People to find a playful and contemporary style that matched the casual tone of the scripts and fit into the brand and voice of the Tiny Happy People Instagram profile. Throwing in lots of relatable baby based imagery was all part of the fun!

the result

Our animations are amongst the most viewed posts on Tiny Happy People’s Instagram, creating likes, comments and smiles for all their followers. We love seeing the immediate reaction to our work and it is these types of comments that make it such a joy to create animation for social channels.